EnviroBale, the next revolution in solid waste containment systems. 

The EnviroBale system has revolutionized baled waste. It has the potential to increase productivity and lower operating costs. By virtually eliminating material fall-out, it greatly improves your working environment and cleanliness. 

Reduce Loading, Unloading and Transportation Costs 

The EnviroBale containment system offers considerable savings over conventional wire baled waste, which requires tying and tarping before transportation. EnviroBales only require tying down before transportation to the landfill. 

Improve Your Working Environment 

The EnviroBale system allows for a significantly cleaner and healthier working environment, with less odor and vermin, improving employee morale and reducing turnover. Eliminating material fall-out reduces labor costs, increases productivity, reduces wear and tear on handling equipment. Not only that, but it's good for everyone else's environment too. Contact us now to discuss the EnviroBale advantage. 

Benefits At The Landfill 

EnviroBale bags allow you to increase bale layers per cell at the landfill. Use the bagged bales as walls to eliminate tarping vertical face. EnviroBale bags reduce unloading time and create cleaner leachate, by significantly decreasing litter which eliminates the amount of vermin and birds at the landfill. 

The System 

Developed in 2004 by Nic Borrelli, General Manager of Research and Development at Integrated Waste Services, EnviroBale is an innovative solid waste containment system. From first-hand experience, Nic identified an opportunity to remove the costs and constraints placed on productivity through the use of wire tiers. Using double-ram balers, bales are ejected from the compaction chamber with a single stroke. Bales are held in the EnviroBale nozzle, then ejected by the next bale into the EnviroBale bag. The contained bale is then loaded onto transport vehicles and sent to the landfill. Designed by the waste management industry for the waste management industry, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into your solid waste processing facility.